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I authorize Island ConnectEd K‐12 to include data regarding my son/daughter, in Jupiter Grades, an online gradebook database.

I acknowledge and certify that Jupiter utilizes a database located in and governed by the federal laws of the U.S.; Information on this site will be used solely by the Island ConnectEd K‐12 staff, my son/daughter, my son/daughter’s counsellor(s), and myself for the purposes of (a) recording and (b) communicating my son/daughter’s progress in his/her current areas of study; and that Island ConnectEd K‐12 controls the information entered into the database, and personal information regarding myself and/or my child will be kept to a minimum. The information on this form is collected under the authority of the School Act, Sections 13 and 79. The information provided will be used for educational programming as outlined in Section 79(2)of the School Act. Information on this form will be protected under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

I make a formal commitment to keeping in touch with my son/daughter’s teachers via email, phone and/or Jupiter Grades, to support my child to complete of course work in a timely fashion.

Write your signature to authorize the form, and to confirm that the information enclosed is accurate and truthful.


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